Why yoga with me?

Everyone is unique in their own special way. Everyone has their own life and own path within it. On this path we make decisions based on our own opinions. We surround ourselves with people and things that meet our requirements and needs, and who respond to the same energetic vibrations.

Nowadays there are many yoga centers and teachers that present diverse attitudes to life and health. Due to this wide variety, everyone has a chance to find the right teacher – a teacher who answers their individual needs and serves them in the most suitable way.
My approach to life and to the teaching of yoga is neither better nor worse than anyone else’s. It is just different, as it is unique to me. My life is driven by curiosity and the desire to examine everything. Instead of learning theories I prefer experiences – to feel, to hear, to see for myself.
I wish you these experiences. I encourage you to search, to try many different paths in both life and yoga, to meet diverse people, teachers and students. Thanks to this exploration, you will find and choose the person who suits you best at the present moment in your life.
Maybe this person will be me.

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