Monika Klisch PhD

Hi! My name is Monika.
I am a relentless world explorer and lifetime learner.
Originally from Krakow, Poland, I am currently based in England.
I love exploring places and being exposed to various cultures.
Moving between 11 flats, 9 towns and 6 countries forced me to be extremely organised and to keep only necessary items
by practising non-attachment.
It also provided me with experience and the ability to coach on life changes—that’s my favorite subject during sessions.

I love travelling, inspiring books and movies, learning, playing cards with friends, sunshine and coffee with cinnamon.
I am also a performer and a member of a bilingual theatre in the UK.


curiosity and courage,
freedom and friendship,
integrity and transparency,
direct communication, well-being


Futuristic, Individualisation
Ideation, Learner, Relator


After earning my PhD in Physics in 2010, I have embarked on a multifaceted career journey, embracing roles across various fields. My professional portfolio includes positions as a Researcher, Data Analyst, QA Engineer, Science Teacher, Medical Physicist, Business Analyst, Project Manager, Lecturer, and even Yoga Studio Owner, among others. Each role has enriched my experience, fueling my eagerness to delve into new opportunities.
Currently, I am engaged in a project for the European Space Agency, and in collaboration with a Zurich-based company, I conduct in-depth analyses of cosmic radiation using data from a satellite-mounted detector.

Furthermore, I have chosen to expand my career into coaching and advising. This decision stems from a desire to explore diverse paths and share the wealth of knowledge and insights I’ve accumulated. Working closely with individuals, facilitating their personal and professional growth, and witnessing their achievements, fills me with immense joy and satisfaction.

I have been collaborating with Love2Learn and Career Design Academy for the Polish Academy of Sciences to provide workshops on career planning for scientists.

What’s unique about me?

I am an empathetic person with an analytical mind and an artistic soul.
I value direct communication, genuine connection and meaningful conversations.

A scientific background gives me a solid logical structure and facilitates my natural curiosity.
I love gathering and analysing data, pondering over ideas and potential solutions.
Experiments make me thrilled! I am eager to try everything on myself first.
On a daily basis I combine empirical and analytics processes with my intuition.

Seeing possibilities, chances and focusing on the future –
this is what I always try to get my clients and friends inspired by!
I do not believe in ‘one-size-fit-all’ – I see each person and each situation as an individual and unique.

My many various passions broaden my horizon and enhance my creativity. Passion for yoga equipped me with meditation and relaxing techniques. Through passion for learning I gained diverse knowledge. It enables me to see the connections between remote fields and hone the distinctive ability to see both the bigger picture and its details.

I trust my personality and life experience make me a valuable, versatile guide and supportive companion.