I offer services as
Life Coach, Career Designer, Vision Facilitator

Life Coach

As a Coach I will assist you on the way to achieve anything that is important for you at present,
so you can enjoy it in the future. Whenever you want to work towards your big dreams or small goals, whenever you feel lost or stuck in life you can reach for help and I will help you with getting through.

“You can’t stop the waves,
but you can learn to surf.”

Jon Kabat-Zinn

Career Designer

As a Career Advisor I will help you develop your professional life, encourage you to reach your goals and to make bold moves.
I personally experienced many different professions and areas of expertise, as well as the transition from an academic environment to a business environment.
Hence, it is my main specialisation and I would be happy to share my experience and knowledge.

This service may be complemented with supporting coaching sessions.

Vision Facilitator

As a Vision Facilitator I offer a service dedicated to vision and strategy. I work using my natural strengths (ideation, futuristic) combined with my analytical skills.
This service is dedicated for people who experience creative blockage and need more ideas. It may happen when you are surrounded by groupthink-colleagues- colleagues who think alike and share the same blind spots. During the service I gather data from you, analyse it and envision new possible ways of development of your own product, project or company strategy.
As a result I will stimulate you to come up with new ideas, a fresh point of view, and an innovative plan for the future or I will provide you with my solutions.